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Interessant teori om b̶i̶b̶l̶i̶o̶t̶e̶k̶a̶r̶e̶r̶ jøder og Israel

Min bekendte Michael læste bogen The Controversy of Zion og fandt dens tese temmelig interessant. Måske skulle man læse den og se om den kan give et dybere indblik i guds udvalgte galninge?

Her er den umiddelbare reaktion og analyse, som der er blevet lovet en uddybning på, på et senere tidspunkt:

The Controversy of Zion is one of the most riveting books I have ever read. According to Douglas Reed, the purpose of Israel (which would more aptly have been named Judah) is not and never has been as a national homeland to which the Jews were to return and live. In fact, the Jews in Israel are generally looked down upon by the more powerful Jews of the diaspora. Very few Jews in the diaspora want to go there, which has been observed in this group and elsewhere as a weird thing about the Jews and Israel for years now. But it’s not so weird when you understand how it all works.

At the time of the end of Babylonian “exile” when the Jews supposedly returned to Jerusalem for the third time (really the second, but whatever), the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah never lived there or wanted to. They lived in Babylon, where they were part of a favored class of Jewish priests at the court of the Persian King (sound familiar?). When it came time to repatriate the Jews to Jerusalem, they went back with a number of Jews under Persian arms, broke up all the race mixed families in the capital, sent the Samaritans packing, built a wall around Jerusalem and then drew lots where every tenth Jew was forced against their will to live there. Nobody wanted to live there.

Jews don’t really want to live in Israel (or Judah) but they are perennially commanded to return there from some kind of “exile.” The exile always consists of Jews gaining power and influence at a foreign court and using that influence to get the foreign power to facilitate a return to the promised land from captivity, while simultaneously tearing down the very society that is helping them. The purpose of the state of Israel is to facilitate the recurrence of this pattern. Israel will eventually fall, the jews know it will. That will merely be time to start the cycle up again. This is the purpose. It’s not a homeland. It’s not even a refuge of last resort. It’s a vector for Jews to continue the pattern of exile/subversion of a foreign power/return etc. This is the purpose of Jewish existence, to forever repeat this cycle, creating ever more cataclysmic wars and tearing down ever more powerful nations in the process.

Holy shit.

Om Claus Boatsinker

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