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Schadenfreude: ikke alt er skidt, et cetera


Jeg bader i følgende udsagn. Jeg indsnuser ordene. Mmmmmmm, føles godt.

Hvad? Undskyld hvad? En gang til, CNN? Hvad?

Hundreds of journalists are being laid off, right when the public needs them the most


2020 was supposed to be a banner year for digital media. (((BuzzFeed))), (((Group Nine))), and (((Vice))) each indicated that this year they would be profitable, a long-elusive goal for an industry bedeviled by diminishing ad dollars.

Tl;DR på det her er, at ingen medvirker til at finansiere de netbaserede judeoglobalistiske medieforetagender. Det er sjældent de offentligt erkender at ikke alle kyllingesvingeres lommer er fyldte med guld, og så kan man godt en smuk søndag som denne nyde deres salte tårer.

(((BuzzFeed))) CEO (((Jonah Peretti))) told staffers in a memo this week that the company had been knocked off track because of coronavirus.

“Though we were well on track to be profitable this year, the impact of the coronavirus on the global economy will almost certainly cause the company to lose money, even as we take aggressive action to control costs,” (((Peretti))) wrote.

Jonah Perettis smil er stivnet.

(((BuzzFeed))) has instituted paycuts and scaled back on travel and hiring. According to the memo, which was obtained by (((CNN Business))), (((Peretti))) will not take a salary for the rest of the year.
“Personally, I’d rather lose money than lose colleagues,” (((Jane Lytvynenko))), senior reporter at (((BuzzFeed News))), tweeted.

(((CNN Business))) reported on Sunday that at least 100 people in local newsrooms in the US lost their jobs in March. By Friday, that number shot up to at least 300 people as the impact of coronavirus continues to roil newspapers and digital media companies.

(((BuzzFeed)) avoided layoffs through salary reductions, but that strategy isn’t being implemented everywhere. (((Future PLC))), which owns Laptop Mag, Tom’s Guide, Live Science and other publications, is planning to lay off at least nine employees out of 59 in the union, according to a statement from its union on Tuesday.

(((Marshall Honorof))), an editor at Tom’s Guide who has worked there for seven years, was told last Friday over video chat with a member of the union’s bargaining committee that he was one of the nine “proposed” layoffs. The company is still in contract negotiations with the union. The two sides were supposed to meet on March 18, but that was postponed.
“I am being paid. I have health insurance. I have access to my emails, but I do not have a firm idea of when I will have to leave, or at this point, even if I will have to leave,” (((Honorof))) told (((CNN Business))). “I certainly hope not.”

(((Rafi Letzter))), a writer at (((Live Science))) and member of Future’s union, told (((CNN Business))) that the union is hoping management will find another solution to cut costs -— one that will not require laying off people who he says are crucial to the company’s news coverage.
“There is concern across the board, both in the unit and outside of it, that management does not understand the consequences of some of the layoffs they’ve proposed,” (((Letzter))) said. “In many instances, they’re maintaining the accuracy and quality of coronavirus coverage. Everyone is working very hard, frankly, harder than the company has earned from them at this point.

The sad twist about these layoffs and restructuring is that they come just as the public is hungry for information about the pandemic, but there are now fewer journalists to provide vital information about it. Traffic is up for many sites and TV ratings have increased as people are stuck at home watching the news.

(((Letzter))) has written a number of coronavirus news stories and explainers, including one titled “Can homemade masks protect you from COVID-19?” (((Letzter))) told (((CNN Business))) that (((Live Science’s))) site traffic has been the “highest in its history.”

Future executives did not respond to multiple requests for comment. When (((CNN Business))) described the urgency to the company’s phone operator, she said she was among those being laid off.

(((Vox Media))), which reported a profit last year, has not announced layoffs or pay cuts. Last week, Chairman and CEO (((Jim Bankoff))) told staff that adjustments would need to be made, according to a company memo obtained by (((CNN Business))).

Det er da bare en virkelig ærgelig situation, Moishe. Øv øv øv, altså.

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Her er iallfall en god sang


Selvom Corona er belastende, så er det godt for os. Boomernes pensionsopsparinger tager skader og deres søde alderdom med rejser og dets lignede er under pres. Imens viser vores feministiske regeringer, hvor svage og handlingslammet de er. Vi får bevidst, at fri bevægelighed af mennesker over grænser gør os sårbare ift. infektioner og sygdomme. Noget produktion kommer hjem til Europa. Osv osv.

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Søg dog indsigt, menneske
Søg dog indsigt, menneske

Det var alligevel betænkeligt mange stave eller slåfejl, når man påtænker at du er en “oversætter”.

Fortsat god søndag.

Båt Båtsen
Båt Båtsen

En anden optur, er at Kisser er tilbage for en kort bemærkning i “Den Korte Coronavis”. Hvis blæseren så også udkommer i morgen, baaam!

Herr Shekellieber
Herr Shekellieber

En glædelig fortsættelse af udviklingen fra sidste år:


“7,800 people lost their media jobs in a 2019 landslide”

Især fordi de taber kunder til uafhængige alternative medier.